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Why Sustainability is Becoming a Trend for Consumers | Lifestyle Writing

When you as a consumer want to switch to sustainability, then it naturally compels brands to produce such products. At the same time, when brands wish to impact change and hence, produce sustainable products, it naturally compels consumers to buy more of what is trending in the market. And, this exact cycle is what is driving the change in this decade.

The current trend in shopping habits across the world isn’t news. We all know how a sense of consciousness and care for the environment has been influencing our lifestyle choices. The 2020 lockdown also had its own part in this change. With people confined to their homes for months and a lot of thought given to the world and its changes, there was widespread concern for the depleting resources. More than that, the thought of tomorrow and how it loudly calls for some change today.

But, what exactly has been driving sustainable shopping to become a widely accepted trend in this generation?

The Young are the Driving Force

The flourishing of digital resources including social media works parallelly with the growing consciousness of the younger generations. With the internet as their source of information and also a tool to propagate their opinions, the gen-z is the driving force of social changes. The onrush of sustainability in shopping habits has also been the result of their conscience towards the subject. They have been using social media in particular as a medium of voicing out their strong values and opinions. They care for the earth and they make it all too clear on the internet. They not only speak up on this subject but also urge the world to join in on these campaigns.

Highlighted Presence of Sustainable Brands

As aforementioned, trends like these emerge out of a combination of consumer behaviour and also retail approach. With the internet flooded with content emphasizing the shift to sustainability, consumers and brands are taking a step towards participating in this trend too. As brands are churning out sustainable and natural lifestyle products in clothes, beauty, accessories, home décor, and more, shoppers are also taking interest in them. After all, everyone wants to taste the ongoing trends, right?

Moreover, today sustainability is collectively portrayed as not just a choice but as a luxurious choice. Something that is considered a sophisticated practice. This association of sustainability with niches is also one factor that is urging customers to join the bandwagon and brands to attend to their changing needs.

In a nutshell, this trend is simply the result of awareness, global situations, and of course, the internet’s support for the cause. Our products at Rega Living also stand to be an active part of this practice of sustainable shopping. Explore here.

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