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One of the crucial, most primary facets behind every celebrity’s striking appearance, at any platform, fashion styling in simple terms is curating a complete look for a renowned individual or a public figure. As simple as the term sounds, it certainly isn’t a piece of cake. Picking a celebrity’s outfits, accessories and other miscellaneous aspects of the look for an editorial shoot, print, advertising media, Television, music videos or just about any public appearance is what a wardrobe stylist does. Safe to say, it’s definitely not a job done on a whim and sans precision.

The fashion industry runs on a vast sphere. But despite its vastness, there are only a handful of careers that are considered respectable. Fashion styling was not one of them until the last decade, when aspiring fashion enthusiasts began recognizing fields beyond the conventional ones. Doors to more careers in fashion started opening up to the crowd. The value of a fashion stylist started coming to light and the younger generation began considering options other than the likes of fashion designing. Today, the area is flourishing with fashion stylists, and aspiring stylists are keeping aside the hesitation and doubt to take the plunge.


Being a fashion stylist takes dedication, hard-work, the ability to network and put to use multiple, last minute plan B. As a stylist, you’re responsible for the kind of impression a public figure casts on the world. Their overall look, the outfits, the style, hair and makeup lies in your hands, which is exactly the reason why it’s a job with immense pressure and aesthetic sensibilities. Already having given you a trailer of what a fashion stylist really does, let’s run you through a concrete set of responsibilities levied upon a stylist.

  • A stylist is responsible for picking clothing, accessories and curating an image for public appearances of any nature.
  • Collaborating and coordinating with designers, tailors, models, photographers, hair and makeup artists, retailers, members of the media, publicists, celebrities and public figures.
  • Predicting, spotting and keeping up with global fashion trends.
  • Sourcing, exchange and returns of outfit pieces.

Of course, the responsibilities may vary with the level of the stylist’s post. However, these are the basic duties of a fashion stylists and anyone willing to join the existing troop of stylists should be familiar with these.


Needless to say, a dire interest and an ever-evolving passion for fashion is the key to starting out in a styling career. However, there’s more to that. Here is a compilation of all the necessary skills that you need to dip yourself into if you’re looking at this facet of fashion.

  • Knowledge of fashion, the industry and an in-depth knowledge of the fashion trends, past and the latest.
  • Understanding of different face and body type along with different silhouettes.
  • General business skills
  • Effective communication and articulation skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Organization

Contrary to popular beliefs, fashion styling isn’t just about selecting clothes for a model. It’s a lot more than that. A typical day of a stylist includes barrelling from store to store, trying to find one white blouse for the client. It involves hours of shopping for the look, coordinating with P.R agencies and designers, collaborating with photographers, makeup and hair artists. It doesn’t end here. A stylist has to make sure the outfits fit the clients well and if the look appears appropriate for the occasion. Moreover, the job involves arranging the props and merchandise sometime; preparing a bunch of back up looks ready in case of sartorial causalities and eventually returns. You see? It goes deeper than just picking clothes for a celebrity.


Well, if you have the interest, the inclination to learn and grown in the sphere and have the willingness to work hard then the door is open for you. Although, it’s not an ordinary and easy task to foray into it, there are slow yet steady steps toward it. If you’re a major in fashion designing or other fields of expertise in fashion, you’ll be welcomed with open arms into the industry. However, if your sole forte is styling, you can begin your career by plunging in a course specific to fashion styling.

Fashion styling is a profession which has its base in practical learning rather than theoretical learning. For that very reason, starting off your career in styling through fashion internships or assisting a stylist/designer is the most effective route to reaching the peak of the sphere.

If you’re wondering about the scope of the profession in India then you’re in for a big surprise. Today, the styling industry has an established stand in the fashion domain. With multiple celebrity stylists and an array of styling companies that offer services beyond celebrity styling, we can say the fashion sphere in India is under a revolution. Platforms like personal styling, image consultancy, wedding styling and more have joined the traditional celebrity and editorial styling in the range. The above simply conveys the scope and capacity of the forte not just in India but globally.

Needless to say, there’s a rise in unconventional yet totally worthy fashion choices. The rise of fashion styling globally should definitely boost your inclination to join the parade!

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