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Today, what’s one of the most stylish and timeless unisex wardrobe treasures, was the first choice of fabric for household essentials like bedsheets about 1000 years ago in Egypt. Over the centuries, this homely material has made its way to the luxury lane of modern fashion across the globe. It’ll be fair to claim today that this stronger cousin of cotton has traversed quite an evolutionary journey over time, from being a sheet to a shirt.  

This bountiful product of flax plant fibres, linen can easily be doted as one of the most loved go-to for every occasion, right from a corporate affair to a cocktail. We can’t help but extend courtesy to its effortless, relaxed route to elegance and luxury, which also makes it a fitting must-have for your work wardrobe and beyond. So, if your current closet gems don’t include a linen piece of clothing, more importantly, a linen shirt, then we’d like you to spare a quick glance below to know why it is such a stellar investment for an eternally suave, simple, and versatile wardrobe. 

Strength: Back in the day, linen was also known to be used as currency in Egypt, deeming it one of the strongest fabrics made of natural fibres. In fact, it is known to gain more strength with every wash too, easily making it a sustained member of your own capsule wardrobe. 

Durability: Given this natural fibre’s incomparable strength that, if well maintained, can last for generations together, a linen shirt naturally also offers the same appeal of style and quality for years to come, making it one of the most durable fabrics.

Kind to Earth: One of the greenest and most sustainable natural fabrics for clothing, linen has its origin in the stalks of the flax plant that can grow under poor conditions of soil, less water, and no fertilisers as well. This makes it a low-cost and earth-friendly way to procure a fabric, which then also ends up sustaining for generations.   

Breathable: A sure-fire route to feeling and staying cool and comfortable at all times, irrespective of where you are. The strong combination of linen’s highly-absorbent nature and breathable qualities step to the forefront with a promise to keep you comfortable, dry, and ventilated through every weather condition. 

Temperature-Regulating: Over the years, linen has not only become more and more accepted as a sartorial choice for summers but also for the colder months, of course, with smart layering. The reason is the naturally insulating and ventilating nature of the fabric that releases excess humidity, keeping you neither too warm nor too cold.

Insect-Repellent: Another natural perk that makes this fabric such a favourable option is its innate insect-repellent quality that keeps moths and unwanted seasonal insects away, keeping your skin safe as well.   

Anti-bacterial: The most-preferred fabric for those with sensitive skin or allergy concerns, linen is also naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-lint fibre that comes with a promise of keeping your skin safe and hygienic. 

Luxurious: The natural wrinkles that the fabric gets when left un-ironed, coupled with the versatility, exceptional quality and stylish appeal, offer it a luxurious touch that is pronounced in all its products, from linen sheets to linen shirts. 

Low-maintenance: As luxurious as this natural fabric is, surprisingly it can even last generations with minimal care and maintenance. Of course, basic instructions are a given, but besides that, linen shirts and clothing are satisfyingly low-maintenance that only get softer with each wash. 

Versatility: It is the collective power of the above qualities that add to linen’s ease of wearing and styling to fit every occasion—from that boardroom meeting to the bar and that beach holiday. The fabric, in fact, comes as a blessing for men who want to make a dynamic impact with their sartorial choices, with minimal effort. Fortunately for them, a linen shirt does that job well, while also keeping their comfort needs in check. 

Take a peek below to look at some realistic ways you can style your linen shirt.

Linen to the Boardroom

The classic “suit-up” route to work was never fully adopted by the working class in India. In fact, with the surge of work-from-home patterns over the last few years, a more casual approach has arrived in the workwear repertoire for men—a gentle blend of formal fashion and casual code. This inevitably points in the direction of work wear that speaks professionalism yet is cordial with comfort and style. 

Here’s what you got to pair with your linen shirt for just another day to work or an important meeting. Tuck a full-sleeved linen shirt in a pair of tailored trousers. For a more casual street-wear office culture, feel free to tuck the shirt in a pair of chinos instead, but make sure you go for a sombre palette. 

Linen to the Bar

Yes, this summer staple can take you to the bar too with its fair dose of suave and laid back style. Here, you want to look at the fair mix of polished and relaxed—all of which can be achieved with a linen shirt, accompanied by the right pairings. Here is how you can style it for that unwinding night at the bar.

Simply button up your line shirt over a pair of denim jeans to keep it easy, casual, and dapper. Roll up the sleeves or keep them down, as your personal style suggests, and kick off the look with a pair of sneakers. To go a notch higher with this attire, shrug on a bomber jacket or a casual blazer to slip into a more celebratory occasion.  

Linen to the Beach

We now come to the one state of mind that linen shirts seem to have been made for – the beach state of mind. Summertime and beach holidays are popularly linked with the presence of linen clothing. A cool breezy soft-hued linen shirt paired effortlessly with chinos easily makes for a smart summer trip attire for a day out. Pro-style tip? Roll up the cuffs of the chinos to make it a more casual look. 

It’s time to address the most-voted styling tip now, the signature summer pair that is as comfortable as it is stylish, and the one match that trumps it all – A linen shirt and chino shorts. This pair, hands down, tops up the list of the easiest, most relaxed, and most attractive styles, which can very well be taken to many other occasions too, with the right style shifts.

Keep us around to be in the know of these style know-how and more. Meanwhile, shop for a versatile linen shirt here. 

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