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A tradition to the Lebanon locals, Lebanese food is ideally one of the healthiest cuisines in the
world! This is no surprise considering the culinary skills and ingredients that go into its
making. With vegetables and whole grains making for a big part of it, the cuisine’s core
essence runs on curating healthy and flavoursome dishes with simple and fresh ingredients.
From using a distinct mix of spices and seasoning to being low fat and scrumptious,
Lebanese food is, no wonder, a favourite amongst all kinds of people.

On that note, here are 3 things that you probably didn’t know about Lebanese food.

Hummus is referred to as ‘life’ in an Arabic dialect

Often known as a Japanese equivalent to rice, hummus is a staple that sustains the lives of
locals. It forms the core of a Lebanese diet, not to mention, its health benefits and
irresistible taste that add to it. Whipped with some simple ingredients and seasonings, the
dip is used as a standalone dish in itself, served in many different ways. Locals eat it for
breakfast, lunch, as well as for dinner!

It is a boon for vegetarians

Marked by fresh and simple ingredients that mainly include vegetables, legumes, and spices,
the cuisine is totally vegetarian-friendly. This means that you never run out of options to
choose from when eating Lebanese food. Each dish uses these prime ingredients to curate a
tasty and healthy combination, also a win-win for vegetarians.

Seasoning and spices are the stars of Lebanese food

That defining distinctness in each Lebanese dish comes from its use of spices and
seasonings. The differentiating feature in this food is the mix of native spices and herbs that
end up lending a unique taste to the dishes. Here, the main focus lies in the flavour and not
the heat. The rich taste they add to these dishes makes them different and tempting every

It is also an established fact that Lebanese food is rich in health benefits and the flavours are
only the cherry on top of the cake. Today, it is a commonly preferred and devoured cuisine
all over the world with the most loved dish being hummus! No wonder, it is the crux of this
cuisine. Another reason why we’re a fan is because of the way cooking it feels like an art in
itself with versatility and a promised savoury treat.

ORIGINAL PIECE: Written for K’z Mezze for their feature on Indian Express

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