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Pretty little things!

Your work desk has witnessed everything – from brainstorming sessions and endless naps to tears of joy and failure. It has seen your mind wandering off in the middle of a task and your work-block episodes. Having seen it all, we bet your office desk deserves a little more love, and what better way to do that than showering it with some motivational stationery! Here are some cues.


Gift your desk a weekly or a daily planner as a way of thanking it for putting up with all your hay-wired schedules. Jot down your plans on the planner for the week ahead and watch how calm and comfortable your day looks.


Your office station is never complete without your your journal/notebook. Your work needs a notebook and so does your desk. Head over to Pink Pepper to shop for your dream notebooks!


Take your organizational skills a notch up with a desk organizer. Don’t allow your stationery to roll around your desk without any purpose. Give it a home and you know where you can find that – Cupik!


Okay, you already have a notebook and you don’t want another one. We get it, but this is not just a notebook. This is a folder notebook! Now, save important notes in the folder while also jotting them down.


Pin these Quote cards on your desk wall and consider it your desk’s way of supplying you with pep talk when in dire need. Oh, and you know where to head for these encouraging notes? Artchetype!

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